Thursday, August 20, 2009
My life as a SAHM.
These past 3 days I've had the opportunity to experience what life might be like as a Stay-At-Home mom. Our nanny is on vacation, so I took some days off of work to cover.

Here's how my days as a temporary SAHM have gone thus far:

1) Get up with Snuggle Bug between 6:00 AM- 6:30 AM. Snuggle Bug is an early riser but I don't mind because I like early mornings myself.

2) Take Snuggle Bug out for a walk or to pull weeds while it's still cool outside.

3) Go back in the house at about 7:00 AM to check on Boo. She's usually getting up about that time.

4) Make breakfast for the kids and check to see if Oronzo is interested in eating or if he's more interested in sleeping until the last possible minute before heading out the door for work, since he knows I'm around to take care of the kids (usually I'm the first to leave in the mornings for work).

5) Help the kids clean up after breakfast and play with them a bit.

6) Get the kids dressed and gear packed and head out the door no later than 8:15 AM to take them in to preschool.

7) Drop the kids off, stay and chat with the preschool director and other moms for a while (very nice socialization time).

8) Meet a friend for breakfast/coffee without the kids (she drops her daughter off 30 minutes before I do). Again, the adult time alone is wonderful!

8) Go back home, clip coupons, go to the store and do shopping without having to drag 2 small children in and out of the car with me (shopping alone, what a novel concept)!

9) Go back home, straighten up the house a bit...maybe even sneak in a wee bit of a nap (that happened on one day at least) or do some sewing or baking.

10) Pick the kids up from preschool at 12:30 PM. Rush home and make lunch because they're both hungry and crabby!

11) Play with them a bit, then put them down for a nap at 2:00 PM (yes, both Snuggle Bug and Boo still nap, for an 1-2 hours and it's wonderful).

12) While the kids are napping, check some blogs, check my coupon news board, do some laundry, etc.

13) When the kids get up around 3:30 PM- 4:00 PM, feed them a light snack, and get them involved in some activity or playing together and think about what to make for dinner.

14) Start dinner and wait for Oronzo to arrive home so that we can sit down together for a meal.

I have a few of observations about my temporary SAHM status:

1) The day flies by far quicker than I imagined it would and I don't get as much accomplished as I think I will! How does that happen?
2) It's nice not to have to be in such a frantic rush all day.
3) It's nice to have some adult time alone, time that's not at a business.
4) I would struggle not to be addicted to my blogging.
5) I eat more staying at home than I do when I go in to work (not a good thing)!
6) I'd have time to run errands that I struggle to accomplish during normal business hours while I'm working.
7) Having kids that are at an age when they can be a bit independent helps.
8) Having the kids in PT preschool also really helps!

All-in-all, I've enjoyed my temporary SAHM gig. It was kind of neat to see what Oronzo's experience has been like when he used to work from home (he's working outside of the home for the time-being with a contract job). Of course, when he stays at home with the kids, he's also got work to do. Being on vacation, I did not. I know that makes things a bit tougher.

Now granted, a few days off does not a SAHM make me, but it's been fun to get a glimpse of the other side, even for a brief amount of time.

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5:07 AM

At 6:05 AM, Blogger Sally said...

The time goes by SO much faster at home than at work. I can remember being at work just staring at the clock going by SOOOOO slowly...but at home, I blink and it's time to start getting lunch ready. Crazy!

And yes, all my lists of the amazing things I would accomplish while being a SAHM have flown out the window. I'm lucky if the sink is empty of dirty dishes, and my makeup is on by the time hubby gets home from work. Maybe in another couple years when my kiddo is more self sufficient I'll be able to accomplish more. =) Of course, I can't imagine ever going back to work though, even if I could surf the internet all day!

Glad you enjoyed your time at home.

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Kiy said...

I agree, the day just zooms by (full-time SAHM). Also, I find myself eating more also, staying at home. I have *got* to get us out of this house more. :)

Question, I know you said your kids are a bit more independent. I can't remember how old yours are, but I thought Boo was close to my daughter's age (30 months). About what time do they go to sleep each night, especially with not getting up from nap until 3:30-4 pm? I find if my daughter isn't up by at least two, there is no reason to attempt bedtime before 8pm. But that means naptime must start by noon, and if she plays in her bed for an hour or more, we are looking at bedtime closer to 9-9:30, or later! She needs her nap (falls asleep in her dinner without it, and we run the risk of a night terror on non-nap days). I'd love to hear your tricks and tips on this!

Glad you had fun being a temp SAHM. I often wonder if I'd be more organized if I went back to work. I was super organized when I was working and feel I got more done, but I love what I am doing right now. That will probably change once she's in school full-time.



At 10:47 PM, Blogger jerricapuck said...

If you don't mind, would you check out my newest blog post?

I'd appreciate it.

At 7:17 AM, Blogger Amy said...

I only work part-time, so I get a taste of both worlds. My days at home don't go quite as smooth as the one you described, though. :) Glad you enjoyed some days off with your kids!

At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's different, isn't it? I have worked full time with kids, worked part-time with kids, worked from home with kids, and been a straight SAHM, and now I am a homeschooling SAHM which is like working from home because there are so many things to do to prep, that you need quiet time for... it's hard to balance, but hopefully that will die down once we actually get started on the school year and get a groove going.

Glad you enjoyed it.

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Angi said...

I agree with all you said! I so wish I could be a SAHM!

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