Thursday, May 17, 2007
Family Foster Home Licensing Prep Checklist
Well, we attended our first PS-MAPP class (PS-MAPP stands for: Partnering for Safety and Permanence – Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting) last Thursday night and we go again tonight. Our first class went really well. There were 20 of us in attendance, from all walks of life. I think we're going to have a good group. Everyone seemed willing to participate in the discussions and group activities. We're going to be getting to know each other over the course of these 10 weeks of classes. I hope that at the end, when we graduate, Oronzo and I will have made some new friends and that we can support each other as we go through this foster-to-adopt process! I'm getting a good feeling from the 2 instructors we have, one in particular seems incredibly passionate about her work.

I thought some of you might appreciate if it I shared a checklist we were given. Remember, we've already filled out a mound of Family Profile paperwork. Now we're being asked to fill out an online application (some duplication of information is definitely happening). While working on our online application, I printed out this checklist.

Family Foster Home Licensing Preparation Checklist

In consideration of your application for licensure, your contracted licensing agency, and/or the Office of Licensing, Certification, and Regulation (OLCR), will need you to provide various types of documentation to support your qualifications.

The following checklist will provide you, the applicant, a helpful resource in gathering the information your licensing agency and/or the OLCR minimally require(s) to review and process your application for licensure. If you should have any specific questions regarding any of the documents listed on the checklist, or require clarification of any kind, feel free to discuss these with your licensing agency.

Proof of Income
You will need to provide current documentation in support of the income reported on the budget statement. Some examples of proof of income you may provide your licensing agency, include:

  • Pay Stubs W-2
  • Tax Returns State/Federal Entitlement
  • Child Support Rent
  • Contributions By Household Members
  • Assets
  • Adoption Subsidy
  • Other/ State Federal Assistance

  • Criminal History Declaration
    You, as well each adult household member (18 years and older), will need to be fingerprinted and be required to complete a declaration of criminal history form. The documentation you will need to provide consists of a:

  • Fingerprint Card (complete with expiration date and Department of Public Safety Card #)
  • Criminal History Declaration

  • Transportation
    If you and/or any adult household member (18 years and older) will be transporting children or vulnerable adults, documentation of valid driver’s license, liability insurance, vehicle registration will need to be shown for each driver.

    When transporting a child or vulnerable adult you, and/or any adult household member drivers, will be expected to provide and use safety restraints appropriate to the age and weight of each child or adult transported; prohibit the number of persons in any vehicle from exceeding the number of available seats and seat belts in the vehicle; and ensure that any vehicle used to transport children or adults in wheelchairs be equipped with floor mounted seat belts and wheelchair lock-downs for each wheelchair being transported.

    Be prepared to provide the current documentation consisting of:

  • Valid Driver’s License (State, License Number, Expiration Date, Restrictions)
  • Liability Insurance (Company Name, Coverage Expiration Date)
  • Vehicle Registration (Car Year, Make, Model, Vehicle Identification Number, Expiration Date)
  • References
    If you are applying for a Family Foster Home License, be prepared to
    provide documentation consisting of the names, addresses, telephone
    numbers (and e-mail addresses if available) for:

  • 5 Character References, with no more than 2 references from people to
    whom you are related. If you are married, 2 references must be from
    people who know you as a couple.
  • School References may be required if you have school aged children.

    If you are applying for a Child or Adult Developmental Foster Home License, compile a list of references including names, addresses, telephone numbers (and e-mail addresses if available) for:

  • 3 Character References from people who are familiar with you and your
    family, but who are not related.
  • 1 Employment Reference if you are currently working, or have worked,with children or adults with developmental disabilities.
  • School References may be required if you have school aged children.

  • Children’s Immunizations
    Provide documentation that each child living in your home has received the immunizations appropriate to the child’s age and state of health, unless you have submitted a signed statement that the child has not been immunized because of either: a) religious affiliation which is opposed to such immunizations or b) because you are opposed to such immunizations. Documentation you will be asked to provide consists of:

  • Immunization Records OR
  • Statement of affiliation with a religion which is opposed to immunizations OR
  • Statement of applicant opposition to such immunizations

  • Training
    You will be required to complete training. For each training requirement, be prepared to provide the completion date, credit hours and course title. Dependent on the type of license for which you are applying, you will be asked to provide documentation verifying completion of one of the following types of training:

  • Adult Development Home pre-service training
  • Adult Development Home ongoing training
  • Child Development Home pre-service training
  • Child Development Home ongoing training
  • Family Foster Home pre-service training
  • Family Foster Home ongoing training
  • Professional Foster Home pre-service training
  • Professional Foster Home ongoing training
  • Other training

  • Certifications
    If you are applying for a Family Foster Home License:

  • You will be required to have current CPR Certification (showing the expiration date of the certification) if any bodies of water on your premises are greater than 18 inches in depth and, a foster child 13 or younger is placed in your home; OR if you are applying for a professional foster home license.
  • First Aid certification (showing the expiration date of the certification) is only required if you are seeking a Professional Family Foster Home License.

    If you are applying for a Child or Adult Developmental Foster Home License, provide documentation of:
  • Current CPR Certification (showing the expiration date of the certification)
  • First Aid certification (showing the expiration date of the certification)

    Dog Rabies Vacinations
    If you own a dog and the dog is routinely present on your premises, you will need to provide documentation for that dog demonstrating current vaccination against rabies.

  • Rabies Vaccination Verification (Name of dog and vaccination expiration date

  • Physician’s Statement
    If this is the first time you are applying for a Family Foster Home License, you will be required to provide a physician’s statement, current within 6 months of your application for licensure.This same requirement also exists for any other adult household member or person living on your premises (18 years or older) who will be regularly providing care and/or supervision for a foster child. At least every 3 years after initial licensure, you, your adult household members and persons living in your premises (who regularly provide care for foster children) will be required to obtain new/updated physician’s statements.

    If this is the first time you are applying for a Child or Adult Developmental Home License, you and each adult household member (18 years or older), will be required to provide a physician’s statement, current within 6 months of your application for licensure. A physician’s statement may also be required of any adults, not living in your home, but who reside on your premises. Atleast every 3 years after initial licensure, you and your adult household members will be required to obtain new/updated physician’s statements.

    Emergency Evacuation Plan
    Prepare a drawing of an Emergency Evacuation Plan minimally showing:
    1) 2 exits which are remote from each other on each floor used by a child or
    vulnerable adult

    2) at least one exit, on each floor, with a direct and safe means of travel to the outdoors and a safe method to reach the ground
    level; and

    3) a window serving as a second exit only if the child or
    vulnerable adult can access and open the window and can pass through it.

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    6:45 AM

    At 7:03 AM, Blogger Once Upon a Dream... said...

    WOW! That is quite a checklist! Have fun in your classes.

    At 11:58 AM, Blogger Munchkin Land said...

    Oh I so admire your dedication to this program and exciting time in your life. =) That is QUITE the list!!

    At 2:00 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

    THat is quite the checklist! It's almost daunting to think about all that is required, but I realize they need to make sure of the families they'll be placing the children with.

    At 5:21 PM, Blogger Carey said...

    I wish you the best in filling out this check list. Good luck with the classes.

    At 5:42 AM, Blogger Chaotic Mom said...

    Thanks for posting this! We were set to begin the fTA program last year, went to our first meeting, and then found out after we got home with our mound of paperwork we were expecting! :) Baby is due within the next few weeks, but we were told we could start our homestudy and paperwork when the baby is a little over three months! It is great watching you go thru this and it is really encouraging to my husband and I.


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