Sunday, June 18, 2006
World's Greatest Daddy, hands down!
Snuggle Bug and I made a card to give to Oronzo for Father's Day. I'm posting it so you can see how it turned out.

I didn't realize how difficult it is to get a non-smeared handprint of a little boy! It took several attempts and each time I'd dip his hands in the paint, I'd have to uncurl Snuggle Bug's little fingers, then carefully press his painted hands to paper, trying desperately to keep him still long enough to get a decent imprint. We did it over and over until I got some good ones.

I also made extra prints so I could make Father's Day cards for Snuggle Bug's grandfathers. Their cards read, "World's Best Grandpa's...hands down!"

Oronzo, who's getting to sleep in, is also getting a t-shirt that has the message "World's Best Daddy" on the front, with Snuggle Bug's handprints imprinted in paint. On the back reads, "Happy Father's Day, 2006, and has Snuggle Bug's feet prints on the back. I hope he likes it well enough to wear it today in celebration of Father's Day.

As a tribute to Oronzo for Father's Day, I'd like to make a list of many (not all, but many) of the things that makes him the World's Best Daddy.

Top 22 reasons why Oronzo is the World's Best Daddy
1. He stays at home and cares for Snuggle Bug while I work. He tells anyone who will listen that caring for his son is his most important job.
2. In addition to caring for Snuggle Bug, he also works from home, while Snuggle Bug naps and in the evenings and on the weekends while I'm home. This makes Oronzo a very busy Daddy.
3. He knows all of Snuggle Bugs tickle spots and takes great pleasure in eliciting uncontrollable belly laughs from our son.
4. He often carries him up on his shoulders to give Snuggle Bug a better view of the world. I do this sometimes too, but it's not nearly as effective because I'm only 5' tall.
5. Since Snuggle Bug's arrival into this world, he's gone to church with us, as a family, every Sunday. In turn, we go to breakfast with him afterwards. I love how this is creating a solid family routine and great memories for Snuggle Bug.
6. He frequently lavishes Snuggle Bug with kisses and hugs, and tells him, "I love you" all the time. He's not afraid to display affection or emotion for his son.
7. He goes to the mall and purchases clothes and toys for our son. How many men will actually willingly go shopping?
8. He dresses our son in clothes that match.
9. He changes all diapers (even the poopy ones) and always has.
10. He always took his turn with night feedings and other bottle feedings.
11. He often takes Snuggle Bug out to lunch at a small neighborhood cafe where all the waitresses like to spoil Snuggle Bug rotten.
12. He gets down on the floor to play with Snuggle Bug, he's very hands-on with him.
13. He sits down at the table to have a family dinner with Snuggle Bug and I, even when he'd sometimes rather be watching some sports game on TV.
14. He gives Snuggle Bug his bath every night.
15. He reads books to Snuggle Bug when he brings them to his Daddy.
16. He teaches Snuggle Bug all sorts of things, like most recently how to count out loud to 3. Along the way, he encourages and praises him to build his confidence and self-esteem.
17. He has an infinite amount of patience with Snuggle Bug, never yelling at him or raising a hand to him. He would never consider doing either of these things.
18. He sings and dances with Snuggle Bug.
19. He's teaching our son to be a soccer and baseball fan, I've already caught the 2 of them sitting on the couch engrossed in a game together.
20. He takes Snuggle Bug to various playgroups and storytimes and doesn't mind a bit that he's often the only Daddy amongst a group of Moms. In fact, he's become accept by them and has made friends with some of them, arranging playdates for the kids.
21. He's great at the rough-n-tumble play with Snuggle Bug that I'm afraid to do. Snuggle Bug loves this type of play!
22. He loves Snuggle Bug unconditionally with all of his heart and always will!

Snuggle Bug loves his daddy dearly, and with good reason. I love Oronzo for those reasons and more. I always knew Oronzo would be a fantastic father, and now seeing him in action, I realize how truly blessed Snuggle Bug and I both are!

For all that you do, I thank you my dear husband! Happy Father's Day!

Before the end of the day, I'm going to make Oronzo get on here and read this Father's Day tribute. If you'd like to leave him a comment, please do so and I'll have him read those as well.

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6:54 AM

At 7:25 AM, Blogger Granny said...

That's an impressive list. Hooray for dads and Happy Father's Day.

At 7:58 AM, Blogger MugwumpMom said...

Great post.
Well done Oronzo. May your relationship with your son grow from strength to strength.

At 8:59 AM, Blogger wolfbaby said...

Happy Fathers day Oronzo, sounds like you are a wonderful husband and father!!

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Beck said...

What a terrific dad! Have a happy father's day! I wanted to do that handprint craft, too, but Baby decided to be frightened of the paint, and the other two had vast shopping bags of crafts they'd already made for their dad - so I guess I'm filing the idea away for next year....

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

Happy Father's Day Oronzo!

The card came out wonderful...hopefully we'll get to see a pic of the Tshirt too :)

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

8. He dresses our son in clothes that match.
I get this comment a lot from the mom's at our playgroups :)
And yes, staying home with Snuggle Bug is the best and most rewarding jog I ever have done.


At 9:56 PM, Anonymous chelle said...

hehe Matching clothes is hard to do!!!

Happy Father's Day!

At 5:20 AM, Blogger kpjara said...

It's so good to hear about a Husband who can "Father" and not just "Babysit". I think this is one advantage to a child truly wanted and prayed for before he ever arrived...What a wonderful tribute and card too!

At 5:20 PM, Blogger Karla said...

Your projects turned out great. I also did the handprint thing with our Bean...for the first time. Yes, very challenging. We did about 10 prints for the 5 projects that I made. I managed to get 5 decent ones out of that...well, 4. One of those did actually look like she had 6 fingers. Eesh.
And what a great list! Oronzo does sound like a great dad. =)

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Veronica Mitchell said...

What a great guy! Happy Father's Day.

At 4:26 AM, Blogger firstborn said...

what a nice father's day card & sentiments!

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Sylvie said...

What a great card!


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